Implant of Ramavadi (Patent Pending)
Colorless Mantis Strut
The Inventor

Mantis Strut is the name given to unique nasal implants invented by Dr. Sampandh Komrit. Two of its forms together can deal with most of Asian noses, which require augmentation. The forms are designed for customization, but not for immediate implantation. In each case, a final shape will be made from crafting one of the two forms. This final shape depends on the surgeon's imagination and the details of nose desired.

Evaluation Dr. Sampandh's Hands

Prototype I of Mantis Strut, which is crafted by hands from a block of silicone:
Prototype of Mantis Strut 1 Prototype of Mantis Strut 2 Prototype of Mantis Strut 3